More Virtua Fighter 5

Aug 13th, 2010

Virtua Fighter Rev C

Anyone who has attempted to run this version (providing they have the correct security chip, which is like rocking horse sh!t) will be presented with this screen.

which basically translates to the following :-

It is not possible to start on this network, a vague error, but this is to-do with how your network settings are on your Lindbergh.

Go into Test menu, Network settings and change DHCP from Disable to Enable, and exit.

You’ll now be presented with the following :-

Basically this is waiting for a DHCP server to allocate the client an IP address within the network, there is several ways around it, but basically you can use a Laptop with either a patch/crossover cable, and using a DHCP server.

This is the screen you’ll be presented with now as it tries to connect to the ALL.NET network and the internal VF5 network (which I assume would be another Lindbergh running VF5 in server mode), after a long time (when the counter reaches 0, and another time reaches 0) the game will proceed.

Well changes include support for card readers, online play, knockout trials, score trials, different costumes etc, the game is full Japanese regardless of region. The game feels right in Japanese though..

The more exciting aspect means hopefully the same can be done with Virtua Fighter 5 R, although obviously getting the game will be nigh on impossible due to the fact it is rental equipment.

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