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Replacement System24 Floppy disks 21-Nov-2013
I can now do replacement System24 floppy disks for the following games:-

DS3-5000-01A [Hot Rod 4player]
DS3-5000-01D [Hot Rod 3player Turbo]
DS3-5000-02A [Scramble Spirits Japan - Hot Rod Bios/Regular 68K]
DS3-5000-02E [Scramble Spirits World - Regular 68K]
DS3-5000-03D [GainGround USA - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-04D [Crackdown USA - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-05D [Super Masters USA - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-06B [Rough Racer Japan - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-07B [Bonanza Bros Japan]
DS3-5000-07C [Bonanza Bros USA]
DS3-5000-09? [Dynamic .C.C Japan - Regular 68K]
DS3-5000-09D [Dynamic .C.C USA - Encrypted]

The cost of a replacement disk is 5, plus shipping.

All disks are done via my custom PC setup and not via the System24 mainboard - the reason being that I write the disks, then read the disks back and perform a CRC check to make sure all data is 100%.

You should backup the replacement disk via the System24 backup method (Hold service on power up and follow the instructions on screen), and then store the master disk safe (away from magnetic sources,dust and small children!).

One word of warning - System24 is fussy on the floppy disk drive - it does not like modern PC floppy disk drives, anything later than 2002 seems to be unstable.

Also I've seen RPM flucations that can cause the sector to become corrupt, I do verify my replacements on my working System24.

The Hot Rod/Scramble Spirits Japan are the worst as the sectors are larger than standard and packed close together, if you get a formatting error then most likely your floppy disk drive is not up to the task.
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