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Good bye 2021 - you've swallowed my soul.. 23-Dec-2021
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas break/holidays! - and remember if you get given an arcade 1UP machine for Christmas, try and be thankful - family/friends often get confused and assume it's all the same - I'd imagine most of us are neurodiverse and that means we are almost impossible to buy for (so the safe option is socks/pants/dressing gown/shite smelly stuff), as people that know us, know that what we want is either:
1) Hugely expensive
2) Hugely impractical or not logical (like a huge boat when your not near water)
3) The item was a must have and it's already been bought (and stored for safe keeping - as 99% of us probably keep said items mint in the box!)

True fact, I say this to so many people, that I was going to write a book on "Man, Girls and Arcade Machines" as the stories about partners when there is an arcade machine arriving is pure gold, actually if I could capture some of the looks from partners (or for younger people, there parents) - you know that look, it's the look of pure disgust - and you know that there is going to be a full on argument later. lol. True I believe some might have even been buried under the patio as some people did seem to disappear of the face of the Earth. But everyone once in a while a partner of you "geeks" will email/phone me and ask for advice, and that you know is pure love, either that or you've got a good amount of $$$ (yeah I remember the time a certain famous game programmer came to mine to collect some Daytona USA PCBs with a nice looking lady, and a convertible car, not really the sort of collecting equipment I'd expect TBH - the lady had incorrect foot wear, for hauling the PCBs around (anyone that knows they come in large metal coffins those older Model 2 PCBs!) and also the boot of the car was also not ideal. So yeah if you do end up with an arcade1UP machine.. I won't be laughing at you, I'll be laughing with you.. And be grateful you miserable gits. If your name is Greg then sorry mate, it's socks again!
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Battle Gear 4 Tuned - Final Edition 23-May-2020
Pleased to announce that my Battle Gear 4 Tuned Final Edition is ready for pre-orders, kit is a HDD, Dongle, Instruction guide, and Dip setting sticker (for sticking on top of the HDD lid on the X+ case), this has been development during the Covid crisis, and offers a full solution to all Battle Gear 4 owners (original machines with original X+ PCs).

Totally new launcher
Support for HD/LCDs (1360/1366) although GPU upgrade required for HD edition
No EDID checking/restrictions
No more error 90x codes
Support for non BG4 I/O boards (Taitotech told me it is discontinued, and last recorded price on the BG4 I/O was JPY66000 around £500/€520), 100% tested are the Half Life 2 type and also the NTP Taito Universal I/O - both boards look similar to the BG4 one, so pretty much if it looks like the BG4 I/O it should work
Type X Dips (on the board you plug the JVS) control resolution, and I/O type
Support for Nvidia cards from Lindbergh (7600GS/7800GS) both suitable for standard and HD game
Support for SB0410/SB0570 sound cards
Faster test menu exiting/gaming launching
and more for more information.

Quick start guide PDF

Please join my Facebook page for regular updates, news and such and thank you for the continued support during these troubled times.
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What we do repair wise, 2020 edition. 06-Jan-2020
Hi All,

This is a brief view of what I repair, all repairs with 90 day RTB warranty on fault/items replaced.

Quotation always underwritten before work, also due to varying work loads, estimated time will be given (if not done within a 1-2day window).


Ford Racing/Grid/Rally 3/Daytona 3/Showdown (All levels)
Sega RingWide/Edge/Edge2 (All levels) (region conversion Japan-English)
Sega Nu/Nu2 (Unknown)
Sega ALLs [HOTD Scarlett Dawn] (Not presently)

Sega Lindbergh (success rate depends on fault, baseboards being the big issue factor, due to being discontinued) (region conversion Japan-English)
Sega Chihiro (depends on fault) (GD-ROM removal ALL games)
Sega Triforce (depends on fault) (GD-ROM removal ALL games)
Sega Naomi 1 and 2 (legacy, depends on fault) (region conversion Japan-English)
System SP (as above) (region conversion Japan-English)
Hikaru (depending on fault, if BGA then bin fodder) (region conversion Japan-English)
Model 3 (video board depends, less than 20% chance of success) (region conversion Japan-English)
Model 1 and 2 (discontinued)
Atomiswave (not supported)


Type X/X+/X2 [Hopping Road, Battle Gear 4 series, Panic Museum, Gaia Attack, Chase HQ2, Wacky Racers] (All levels) (region conversion Japan-English)
System 246 [Battle Gear 3 series] (Depends on fault)
Type Zero (HDD/Software conversion to repair broken storage)


Coopers 9 (All levels)
DDR series [Depends on fault]
Guitar Hero's (All levels)
GTI Super Mini Fiesta (All levels)
Silent Hill Arcade (All levels)

PC Unit (Standard PC repair, if you have the install CD/DVD I can repair)
GVR Mini I/O flash (conversion of GVR Mini I/O from Nascar/Blazing -> Carbon)
GVR Dongle (conversion of GVR dongle games)


PC Unit (Standard PC repair, if you have the install CD/DVD I can repair)


Namco ES1 (Nirin, Dead Heat 32"/42", Tank Tank Tank!, Dead Heat Riders) (All levels)
Namco ES3 (Machstorm,Mario Kart GP DX, Star Wars Battle Pod, Time Crisis 5, Lost Land Adventure) (All levels)
Namco Maximum Tune 3 Export (All levels)

Go Go Grandprix (never had one in, but looks pretty standard apart from the PCI controller card)


We can convert most systems to Export/English, most will require new software update and/or dongles.


In some cases I might recommend updating your software, if I have a newer version for example 99% of Battle Pods are 1.01 or 1.02 and do not have the multiplayer or the extra Poe(TFA) level (although Namco only sold the update USB stick for a limited time and for a expensive price of $5K! - price is what ArcadeHeroes was quoted when they operated a Pod).

I cover a good % of currently operated video games, specialising in more recent (Namco) games, Namco being one outside the scope of many other companies.

Premium/loyal customers get discontinued rates, full email/telephone support and quicker turnaround (loyalty is respected and rewarded, I'd appreciate the same).

After last year, and being on compassionate leave after my mothers death, was disappointed that some customers believed the rumours circulating that I retired (instead of checking the truth).

Why you should consider me?

I don't do this to make huge amounts of money, I do this more as passion, I had to give up my original full time job in 2009 (due to health reasons), and since then my wife has became long term sick, so I have to fit in being a carer, a father as well as running a business.

My knowledge of arcades is vast, being around amusements since the 90s and often know a good game, but I recommend games on there quality and also there reliability (no point having a nice game that breaks down every other month).

I work with a few companies on a weekly basis, and also support other PCs platforms (VR systems for corporate hire) - PCs are bespoke setup and must be extremely reliable as on corporate use (and would be embarrassing if they fell over during presentations and such).

Testing I use a number of stess tools, everything is stressed to within an inch of it's life.

DDR memory is checked, and double checked for any errors.
Video card is stress tested, in both GPU rendering, and DDR memory.
HDD is checked with SMART monitor tools, to check the overal state of the drive, if HDD is overwritten it is done at sector level.
Sound card is checked depending on its configuration (Stereo, Quad, 5.1).

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Holiday Information 21-Dec-2019
AGS will be closed from 23-Dec-2019 to the 2nd-Jan-2020 (providing the end of the world doesn't occur!) - I'd like to thank all my customers, friends and family for continued support and I hope everyone has a safe and happy christmas holiday period.

This year for me has been one of the worst on record for various reasons, a few loyal people have stood in my corner, and the reason I am still here.

My only tip this Christmas period is to enjoy the time with special people, as the world seems hell bent on being more extreme, more racist, and basically more hatred.
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Did you know?? 27-Jun-2018
People associate me with Sega, but did you know in the last 2 years I've done more Battle Gear 4 repairs/upgrades than anything else?? Actually probably did more Battle Gear 4 repairs than anyone else in Europe combined!

Developed the highly successful Tuned 24course English upgrade for old BG4s which removed the Error 901, but also made the machines more enjoyable as having more cars and tracks is nothing but a bonus.
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Flash update for Chihiro/Triforce - low price 12-Jun-2018
Will update your *Type3* Chihiro/Triforce for the lowest price of £60 which includes fitting,updating,testing.

This also includes the option of encrypting the game to a keychip, for example Outrun2SP on an Outrun 2 keychip, or Crazy Taxi High Roller/House of the dead 3 upgraded for Type 3.

In cases if your Type3 Chihiro/Triforce does not have software, I can build it up with a PIC for example Mario Kart GP 2.

Simply pay the postage both ways, and £60 for the service (+£20 if you need a PIC chip as well), this is the lowest price in the world for such a service.

All work is covered by a 45day RTB warranty, all items fitted with a brand new 512MB IDE Industrial DOM for improved reliability/speed (in theory would last +25years of use).
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Still alive! 28-Mar-2018
Hi everyone, people asking me if I am back to work, and the answer is yes - I am not doing a great deal, but I am doing the odd job here and there (normally just before Easter I'd be working my balls off helping people get there sites ready for opening), but I seem to be slower, confused and pretty much not the old me. I know some think, wait, I've lost a parent, loved ones etc. why I am you being so obstant, the answer I have is that although my Mother died, it is the circumstances in which she did die, if it was due to old age, or a long-term illness then I'd be OK (still upset like any normal person), but sadly my Mum was taken from me from a person I can only describe as the most evil person I have ever known (talking about people that I know as obviously the world is full of evil people), the person that decided to leave my Mum with a bleed of the brain for 24hours, instead of seeking medical help (even though she was fitting, vomiting, had no clue where or who she was), her death is under investigation (and the coroner has ruled her death as suspicious). To rub salt in the wound, I was not told about my mums funeral although I did find out about it though and I did indeed attend - when the funeral director spoke about about my mum there was no mention of me or my brother (so it was like we where both wiped out of her life so to speak), although even the dog was mentioned - I admit I did lose it at the funeral (there is a lot more to the story, but for the sake of my own sanity I will not go into all the details), the sadness in my heart will be there, but time and support I will get by (there is no real choice in that one). I'd like to thank everyone for there continued support, and I appreciate everything. Only advice I have here, is make sure you let the people you love, if you get a phone call from your Mum or whoever, take the call. Tomorrow might be too late.
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Update 28-Jan-2018
My beloved mum passed today (all started from a fall in the kitchen), a hellish 18 odd days at the hospital and praying, to see a loved one go downhill so fast is heart breaking. My mum was a big driving force, she supported me, guided me - I was born with difficulties, had to have years of speech therapy, eye and hand coordination, poor balance - teachers dismissed me as a problem child, someone who needed special schooling, said I was hopeless and that I would amount to nothingness. I found my escape was computers, and wanted one, my mum being a single parent worked multiple jobs (picking strawberries - and getting a chill in her back) while working all night working at a house for the elderly to get me an Acorn computer so I could learn how to program/escape the fairly cruel schooling world. 35 odd years later here we are, managed to run my own business, gain friends all around the globe and become something. Thank you mum forever in your debt. I am going to ask for a few weeks to absorb/contemplate things as currently numb from shock. Thank you everyone. - Andy
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Family emergency 09-Jan-2018
AGS is closed till further notice.

Many thanks
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Unavailable from the 24-08-15 to 07-09-15

Hi Everyone, I will be not doing work from the 24th of August 2015 till the 7th of September - all emails, orders and such will be handled on my return back to business.

Thanks you one and all.
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Repair List Guide 25-Nov-2013
PC guide of what can be turned around here.

The file is an excel spreadsheet and can be downloaded here.
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Taito Type Zero Solid State Goodness 23-Nov-2013
Hi All,

I am now offering replacement SSD drives for people who fear there Type Zero drive dying.

So far the following games are completed:-

Raizin Ping Pong VER 2.01 (2002/3/11 18:06:16) - English BIOS V1.52
Power Shovel VER 2.02 (1999/8/19 21:27:23) - English BIOS V1.11a
Battle Gear 2 VER 2.01J (2000/6/21 22:22:26) - Japan BIOS V1.52
Battle Gear 2 VER 2.01O (2000/7/7 18:02:53) - English BIOS V1.52
Battle Gear VER 2.40A (1999/3/31 13:27:05) - English BIOS V1.11a
Battle Gear VER 2.50 (1999/3/18 17:29:55) - English BIOS V1.11a
Landing High Japan VER 2.01 OK (1999/12/3) - English BIOS V1.52
Top Speed 20XX Ver 2.00E (2000/7/15 15:24:01) - English BIOS V1.52
Stunt Typhoon+ Ver 2.04J (2001/4/6 18:34:59) - Japan BIOS V1.52
Stunt Typhoon+ Ver 2.01E (2001/5/16 18:26:42) - English BIOS V1.52

Cost of the kits is £100 and is plug and play.

A sample unit was sent to my good friend UT in Sweden as a proof of concept.

Type Zero video
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wanted items 23-Nov-2013
Hi all

This is my wanted items

Galaxy force 2 deluxe manual
Outrun 2 vr button assemblies
Faulty model 3 step 2 video boards

Power drift deluxe
Rad mobile deluxe
G-loc deluxe
Hot Rod
Carnevil ur

Faulty model 3 step 2 video boards
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Replacement System24 Floppy disks 21-Nov-2013
I can now do replacement System24 floppy disks for the following games:-

DS3-5000-01A [Hot Rod 4player]
DS3-5000-01D [Hot Rod 3player Turbo]
DS3-5000-02A [Scramble Spirits Japan - Hot Rod Bios/Regular 68K]
DS3-5000-02E [Scramble Spirits World - Regular 68K]
DS3-5000-03D [GainGround USA - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-04D [Crackdown USA - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-05D [Super Masters USA - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-06B [Rough Racer Japan - Encrypted]
DS3-5000-07B [Bonanza Bros Japan]
DS3-5000-07C [Bonanza Bros USA]
DS3-5000-09? [Dynamic .C.C Japan - Regular 68K]
DS3-5000-09D [Dynamic .C.C USA - Encrypted]

The cost of a replacement disk is £5, plus shipping.

All disks are done via my custom PC setup and not via the System24 mainboard - the reason being that I write the disks, then read the disks back and perform a CRC check to make sure all data is 100%.

You should backup the replacement disk via the System24 backup method (Hold service on power up and follow the instructions on screen), and then store the master disk safe (away from magnetic sources,dust and small children!).

One word of warning - System24 is fussy on the floppy disk drive - it does not like modern PC floppy disk drives, anything later than 2002 seems to be unstable.

Also I've seen RPM flucations that can cause the sector to become corrupt, I do verify my replacements on my working System24.

The Hot Rod/Scramble Spirits Japan are the worst as the sectors are larger than standard and packed close together, if you get a formatting error then most likely your floppy disk drive is not up to the task.
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Most Wanted! 06-Jul-2013
Hi All,

This is a list of my wants/needs:

Taito Type Zero (Landing High Japan/Battle Gear 1 and 2/Raizin Ping Pong)
CarnEvil PCB (guns not required, but must have the gun expansion I/O)
Triforce PCBs
Chihiro PCBs
Wing Wars - Sega model 1 pcbs

Immersion Feedback board (as used on Global VR)
Taitio Universal JVS I/O PCB

Beast Busters Second Nightmare
Carnevil 25"
Hot Rod 4player
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AGS doing a little for Comic Relief 2013 11-Mar-2013
Hi guys/gals - that time of year where I try to-do my little bit.

For every new Facebook like, I will donate £1, and I will also be donating a % of all income from AGS from Monday 11th to Friday the 15th.

For people who are not in the UK here is a quick run down on Comic Relief.

Comic Relief
is a charity based in the UK that aims to make the world free from poverty. Their mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment, hence the title “Comic Relief”. They’ve raised over £800,000,000 for people in over 70 countries worldwide (including the UK) since the charity formed in 1985, with most of that money being generating during the Red Nose Day and Sport Relief events in the UK. The money we donate goes to projects such as vaccinating children against deadly diseases, providing people with clean running water, and providing expert care & advice to those suffering from illnesses such as Dementia.
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AGS flash drive solution for Chihiro and Triforce 09-Mar-2013
Can offer a service to remove the gd-rom for Chihiro and Triforce type3 forever! No more error 24/25!

Supports larger games like Maximum Tune 2 and Gundam BOS.
Faster loading times around 60secs
Reliable (1 year warranty on the kit - not on the game PCB)

Please email for quote.
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The UniversalPC Concept 01-Feb-2013
I've been working on this for a while in my head - I've done a few prototypes as proof-of-concept.

The benefits of this system are as follows:

1) Uses new hardware (not old stock or second hand stuff which is unreliable and has no warranty)
2) Generic you only have to worry about 1 type of main board in your spares/warehouse
3) Cheaper/Less time consuming that buying/finding old hardware
4) Full recovery system using my custom USB recovery device.
5) Rapid recovery time - I am hearing customers who have had there PCBs in for repair for like 6weeks - 6week downtime is a joke - if you had the replacements in stores, you could be up and running in the same day!

Tell me more!

This is how it would work, I'd suggest some certain types of main boards which you can find locally in your territory, you'd then send me a unit and let me know what games you want on the system - I would build USB recovery image and supply you with a master USB drive (from which you can create your own USB pen drives - depending if you want to offer your end user the ability to re-install on site) also you'd buy the hardware (you could buy all the hardware direct from me also, but I'd have to put my % on).

Because you are buying the hardware directly you have control of the budget and do not pay the massive overly priced costs when going to the arcade spares dept in the various establishments, you also kill the middle man repair centre.

But, doesn't this mean you are putting yourself out of business??

Well, no - The pricing would be a one-of fee initially to convert a game to the new PC platform, this would give you the USB recovery system to create replacement PC units of a set game - also you would need to buy authorised blank SSD drives from me - only my SSDs will work with this system, and these SSD will be set per-organisation (so you can not swap recovery images/or clone the images manually) - this also means other people can not rip-off my work (like I’ve seen in the past! Although I am aware nothing is 100% safe, especially when it is Windows based!).

The cost of the blank SSD would be cheap anyway, around £50-£60.

What do you do exactly?

I take the "original" game, remove all the old hardware drivers from the WindowsXP embedded system, and replace with the new mainboard configuration - all the other aspects stay the same - the original windows files, game files, game security (I do not condone/nor endorse removing security from games) and what not - you can't merely install Windows XP vanilla and hope these things will work - most games have there own tailour made XP embedded configuration with the correct drivers for what they need, be it a certain video codec, or a immersion USB driver - once the game is working 100% (sound, video, network, etc then I seal and shrink wrap it for the automated recovery USB system).

So how do I use it?

You build up a PC there, with your bought in main board/cpu/ram - fit the SSD drives you buy from me, and install the USB recovery dongle - on the power-up it will build up the game/windows from that – to work just like the original (the process generally takes from 3-20minutes depending on the size) - then the game will be ready for using - plug in the I/O, security dongle and you'll be away.

Why do you use USB recovery and not CD/DVD?

I use USB for a number of reasons

1) 4GB/8GB USB pen drives are cheap
2) All new main boards are USB2 and USB transfer rate is as good/if not better than CD/DVD
3) It's small and robust!! CD/DVDs are not!
4) Most PCs in for repair there CD/DVD drives are either dead or clogged with rubbish/dust and these are just more hardware taking juice from the PC (especially when they are only used for recovery!)
5) Most people don't have the restore CD/DVDs anyway!

Why do you use SSD (Solid State Drive) for storage?

1) Price, SATA HDDs are generally 250GB or higher – for arcade we do not need such a huge drive!
2) Reliability, SSD do not having moving parts, they generate hardly no heat and use hardly any power!
3) Most PC arcade games use a file write filter – meaning hardly any data gets written to the drive – making SSD the perfect candidate.

What kind of games would work via this setup??

RawThrills - Fast and Furious,Superbikes,Drift,etc
Global VR - NFS GT/Underground/Carbon, Nascar, Aliens, Frightmareland, PGA Golf, etc
Sega - Ford Racing, Sega Rally 3, Grid

Pretty much any PC Game from 2002-2009 that doesn't require dedicated hardware (or locked down via a bespoke linux kernel).

I am looking for feedback and also I am looking for potential investors - email me on
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Welcome to the year 2013 - Glad you came along! 02-Jan-2013
Well this will be a make or break year for AGS as I decide if I continue or not, so support is vital! I am working on a number of projects here to save you - the end user money.

New things we are happy to offer to our customers - on most PC repairs - we can offer a USB memory stick restore function - this will restore the HDD to the original state of repair (meaning if the HDD goes down then simply put in a new HDD and plug the USB memory stick in and boot - bingo it will be up and running again) - also this means CD/DVD drives can be done away with (they generally get clogged with dust and cease to function anyway!) - request restore functionality on your repairs for only £15 - (the USB dongle is locked to the repaired PC).

Also I've developed a bespoke mainboard kit for RawThrills/GlobalVR games - why take the risk of using old (bought from eBay - second hand mainboards) - obsolete PC parts that are used are risky, finding then NOS is nigh on impossible!

Also a note about HDDs, if I have to use a new HDD in repair (recommended), then I will be using solid state drives from now - this increases speed to the end user, but also relabilty due to less heat/voltage consumption and no moving parts.
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Mobile contact number change 23-Nov-2012
Telephone number change, new number is +44 (0) 7557513859.

The old number is obsolete. Thanks
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