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Spares - JVS Spares - 837-13844-02 [JVS I/O Control Board Type 2]

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Product Information
837-13844-02 [JVS I/O Control Board Type 2] JVS Spares
Price:110.00 GBP
Available:No Stock
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   About 837-13844-02 [JVS I/O Control Board Type 2]     
The Type 2 I/O as used on the more dedicated JVS stuff, commonly found in F355, 18wheeler DX, Ghost Squad and various server based games.

It offers a lot more digital outputs required for various control boards.

   Product Details     
Last recorded price from Sega was around 220!

Ghost Squad should work fine on 837-14572 by using it's aux outputs as found on that board - GS doesn't require more than 20bit output.

F355/18Wheeler/Nascar sadly require a 22bits for driver out, currently no solution to use the I/O Type 3 yet.

   More Info     
My pinout documentation - use at your own risk!

CN2 4pin JST NH connector (5V Power in)

01 +5v
02 +5v
03 GND
04 GND

CN1 5pin JST NH connector (12V Power in)

01 +12V
02 +12V
03 NC
04 GND
05 GND

Digital Inputs (40pin AMP RA connector)

01 Yellow (+5V)
02 Yellow (+5V)
03 Yellow (+5V)
04 Yellow (+5V)
05 Yellow (+5V)
06 Yellow (+5V)
07 White (GND)
08 White (GND)
09 White (GND)
10 White (GND)
11 White (GND)
12 White (GND)
13 Yellow/Blue (Coin SW1)
14 Yellow/Black (Coin SW2)
15 Dark Purple (Test Sw)
17 Sky Blue (1P Start)
18 Orange/Red (1P Service)
19 Pink (1P Right)
20 Brown (1P Left)
21 Purple (1P Up)
22 Light Green (1P Down)
23 Blue (1P SW1) (1p Trigger)
24 Green (1P SW2) (1p Frameout)
25 Sky Blue/Whi (2P Start)
26 Orange/Blue (2P Service)
27 Pink/White (2P Right)
28 Brown/White (2P Left)
29 Purple/White (2P Up)
30 Light Grn/Wh (2P Down)
31 Blue/White (2P SW1) (2p Trigger)
32 Green/White (2P SW2) (2p Frameout)
33 Orange (1P SW3) (1p Action)
34 White/Red (1P SW4) (1p Weapon Select)
35 White/Blue (1P SW5)
36 White/Yellow (1P SW6)
37 Orange/White (2P SW3) (2p Action)
38 White/Orange (2P SW4) (2p Weapon Select)
39 White/Black (2P SW5)
40 White/Grey (2P SW6)

Digital Outputs (34pin AMP RA connector)

01 Yellow (+5V)
02 Yellow (+5V)
03 Yellow (+5V)
04 Yellow (+5V)
05 White (GND)
06 White (GND)
07 White (GND)
08 White (GND)
09 Coin Meter 1
10 Coin Meter 2
11 Output 1
12 Output 2
13 Output 3
14 Output 4
15 Output 5
16 Output 6
17 Output 7 (1P Gun GS)
18 Output 8
19 Output 9
20 Output 10
21 Output 11
22 Output 12
23 Output 13
24 Output 14
25 Output 15
26 Output 16
27 Output 17 (2P Gun GS)
28 Output 18
29 Output 19
30 Output 20
31 Output 21
32 Output 22
33 Red (+12V)
34 Red (+12V)

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