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Spares - PC Based Arcade Spares

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PC Based Arcade Spares

50-0102-08 [ACTIVE STEERING WHEEL ASSY W/SOFT HOOP 8-32 INSERTS & 5K POT] PC Based Arcade Spares
Complete replacement unit as used on Ford Racing/Sega Rally 3 and many Raw Thrills, GlobalVR, Midway, Atari, Namco games.
275.00 GBP
No Stock
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838-0005UK [Sega Amusements UK I/O Board] PC Based Arcade Spares
© SEGA 2008
Bejewelled/The Grid/Sega Rally 3/Shoot This, Win This I/O board.
110.00 GBP
No Stock
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BFGR981024GTGE [BFG 9800GT 1GB] PC Based Arcade Spares
© BFG 2009
Brand new 9800GT 1GB PCI/E video cards, suitable for many PC arcade applications like Grid/Rally 3/Terminator Salvation.
100.00 GBP
No Stock
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FR-838-001UK [MOTOR CONTROLLER HAPP 50-2000-05] PC Based Arcade Spares
Happ motor controller board as used on Ford Racing, Sega Rally 3 and The Grid
125.00 GBP
No Stock
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IMM_Dual [Immersion TouchSense A2 OEM] PC Based Arcade Spares
© Immersion 
Immersion TouchSense A2 OEM, is a PC based technology to allow the interfacing of PC driving games (DirectInput) games to a Happ Active Steering Wheel.
100.00 GBP
No Stock
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Mini USB -> Female USB PC Based Arcade Spares
Mini USB Adapter as used on Sega Lindbergh/RingEdge/RingWide to regular USB Female connector (to make it easier to hook up a regular DVD drive).
6.00 GBP
No Stock
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SB0410 [Taito BG4 Sound Card] PC Based Arcade Spares
© Creative 2003
Used for Taito Battle Gear 4/4 Tuned and Professional, common issue is a black screen as the sound card is bad/not working, BG4 needs a proper 5.1 sound card even some others might work, but the volume control on the cabinet will only work with the L/R and not alter the other volume channels.
75.00 GBP
No Stock
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