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601-11427-03 [Mushy King Card 800 Set English] Cards
Mushy King 800 card set/managment chip - English
150.00 GBP
75.00 GBP [save 50%]

4 In Stock
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837-14489R [Creative PCI Sound for Lindbergh Yellow] Lindbergh Spares
© SEGA 2005
PCI Sound card as required by Lindbergh Yellow games.
115.00 GBP
60.95 GBP [save 47%]

6 In Stock
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838-14597 [Motor Switcher Board] Servo and Motor Hardware and Controllers
Motor Switcher Board for Outrun 2 SP Super Deluxe and Hummer Super Deluxe, without this board you will not get feedback back from the two servo motors.
385.00 GBP
308.00 GBP [save 20%]

1 In Stock
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GDS-0003 [Sports Jam] Sega Naomi 1 GD-ROM
© SEGA 2000
Sports Jam software for Naomi 1 GD-ROM
20.00 GBP
14.00 GBP [save 30%]

18 In Stock
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GDS-0009 [Dynamic Golf / Virtua Golf] Sega Naomi 1 GD-ROM
© SEGA 2001
Virtua Golf requires a dedicated control panel to function, it uses a trackball I/O for control.
20.00 GBP
10.00 GBP [save 50%]

34 In Stock
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GDS-0022 [The Maze of the Kings Software] Sega Naomi 1 GD-ROM
© SEGA 2002
Great mummy themed shooter, will upgrade HOTD2/Death Crimson OX (with Naomi 1 GD-ROM fitted), Confidential Mission and Lupin the Shooting.
90.00 GBP
45.00 GBP [save 50%]

21 In Stock
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GDX-0001 [House of the Dead 3] Sega Chihiro
© SEGA 2003
The fantastic House of the Dead series continues, and now moves to the almighty Chihiro system. Game supports fantastic visuals.
350.00 GBP
175.00 GBP [save 50%]

1 In Stock
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GDX-0002 [Crazy Taxi High Roller] Sega Chihiro
© SEGA 2003
More Crazy Taxi'n, this time with more lavish visuals and even more crazy stuff.
80.00 GBP
40.00 GBP [save 50%]

33 In Stock
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NOU-2001 [2L12B Overlay for Sega/HOT-2005] Control Panel
Awesome foiled back control panel from Sega which isn't branded with any cabinet design - so perfect for custom cabinets. Similar design to the New Net City control panel which is no longer available (at a sensible price!).
31.50 GBP
24.57 GBP [save 22%]

9 In Stock
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837-14572 [JVS I/O Control Board Type 3] - Replaces 837-13551-92
Version 3 of the JVS I/O board, the latest revision JVS I/O board from Sega, this is suitable for Lindbergh,Ringwide and RingEdge, but will also work on Naomi, Tri-Force and Chihiro.
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