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   Software (175)     

  • Other (3)
    Random other game software/pcbs
  • Replacement GD-ROM discs (4)
    Replacements for scratched/damaged discs
  • Sammy Atomiswave (17)
    Games cartridges for the Atomiswave system
  • Sega Chihiro (12)
    Software suitable for the Chihiro Compact Flash or GD-ROM system
  • Sega Hikaru (5)
    Rom boards for the Sega Hikaru
  • Sega Lindbergh (8)
    Software suitable for the Lindbergh systems
  • Sega Model 2 (16)
    Various rom boards or rom kits for Sega Model 2, 2A CRX, 2B CRX and 2C CRX
  • Sega Model 3 (24)
    Various rom boards or rom kits for Sega Model 3 Step 1/1.5 and 2.0
  • Sega Naomi 1 Cartridges (29)
    Cartridges suitable for the Naomi 1 system
  • Sega Naomi 1 GD-ROM (16)
    Software suitable for the Naomi 1 GD-ROM system
  • Sega Naomi 2 Cartridges (8)
    Catridges suitable for the Naomi 2 system
  • Sega Naomi 2 GD-ROM (11)
    Software suitable for the Naomi 2 GD-ROM system
  • Sega RingEdge/Wide (9)
    Sega RingEdge/Wide software/hardware
  • Sega ST-V (5)
    ST-V mainboards and cartridges
  • Sega SystemSP (3)
    Sega SystemSP is fully integrated IC board from Sega which was is similar to combination to Naomi and Atomiswave, it came in two flavours 128MB and 512MB of NAND flash roms, the games where pre-loaded via an in-built Compact Flash reader, encrypted using
  • Sega Tri-Force (5)
    Software suitable for the Tri-Force Compact Flash or GD-ROM system
       Spares (318)     

  • Atomiswave (7)
    Atomiswave is a cartridge based JAMMA compatiable gaming system created by Sammy. This is the motherboard is that is needed to play any of the game cartridges
  • Audio Sound Boards/MPEGs/Amps (18)
    Various Sega audio amps/parts
  • Cabinet Spares (56)
    Cabinet related spares including Naomi cabinet spares and wiring
  • Card Readers / SSR / Power Dist Boards / Other (17)
    Various Solid State Relay, Power Distrubtion and Boards I have no clue on!
  • Chihiro/Triforce Spares (7)
    Spares suitable for the Chihiro or Triforce system only.
  • Classic Sega (1)
    Boards/Spares that are considered Classic gaming era.
  • Compact Flash/GD-ROM/Dimm Board Spares (19)
    Parts relating to Naomi/TriForce/Chihiro GD-ROM based systems
  • Control Panels / Wiring (18)
    Control panel plates, accessories, and wiring looms and extra button looms.
  • Hikaru Spares (5)
    Spares suitable for the Hikaru system only.
  • JVS Spares (13)
    Various spares related to JVS (Jamma2) PCBs, such as Naomi, Hikaru, Tri-Force, Chihiro and Lindbergh
  • Lindbergh Spares (32)
    Lindbergh spares including the Video card!! :)
  • Manuals (40)
    Various cabinet/game manuals
  • Model 2 Spares (9)
    Spares suitable for Sega Model 2, 2A CRX, 2B CRX, 2C CRX only
  • Model 3 Spares (24)
    Spares suitable for Sega Model 3 Step 1/1.5 and 2 PCBs only
  • Naomi I/II Spares (20)
    Spares suitable for the Naomi 1 and 2 system only
  • PC Based Arcade Spares (7)
    Spares for PC based systems, like Rally3/Grid/Konami/Taito TypeX series etc
  • Power Supplies (9)
    Various power supplies, pulled from different cabinets
  • Sega Gun Related (5)
    Spares soley designed for Sega gun games from Virtua Cop 1 to Rambo
  • Servo and Motor Hardware and Controllers (11)
    Various Motor and Drive boards to control Servo motor hardware and related hardware
       More Spares (30)     

  • Bolts and Screws (0)
    Variousl different types of bolts/screws and other cabinet related hardware
  • Buttons (2)
    Various other spares are just dumped in here!
  • Cards (7)
    Various cards as used by Sega
  • Eproms & Components (4)
    Various Eproms
  • Fans (2)
    Fans for cooling
  • Locks /Keys (3)
    Locks and Keys
  • Monitor Spares (8)
    Various spares which could have something to-do with Video/Monitors
  • PCB Legs (4)
    Custom PCB legs for 2, 3 and 4 Layer PCBs
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    256-A8-6800GT [Lindbergh Video Card]
    Original (not cheap OEM clones/512MB clones, and clones that just don't work!) for Lindbergh, suitable for the following Lindbergh games:

    House of the Dead 4
    Virtua Tennis 3 / Power Smas ...
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