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Software - Sega Tri-Force

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Sega Tri-Force

842-06CN4000 [F-Zero AX Monster Ride NAND Rom Board with PIC] Sega Tri-Force
© SEGA 2003
Not much to say about this, apart from it is incredibly rare, only 7 built from the 7 built, probably only 2 exist to this day. This is 100% authentic original software and keychip (everything is laser etched). Price can be negotiated, but has to be worth my while, I will doubt there will ever be one for sale. Brand new in box Triforce unit could also be supplied for extra.
2,000.00 GBP
No Stock
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GDT-0004D [F-Zero AX English Software] Sega Tri-Force
© SEGA/Nintendo 2003
Woooot, the awesome F-Zero AX made jointly between Sega and Nintendo, so a nice bit of history.
250.00 GBP
No Stock
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GDT-0012 [Virtua Striker 2002 English Software] Sega Tri-Force
© SEGA 2002
Virtua Striker 2002 for Export Tri-Force mainboards.
50.00 GBP
No Stock
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GDT-0015 [Virtua Striker 4 English Software] Sega Tri-Force
© SEGA 2004
Virtua Striker 4 for Tri-Force (Export/English) version.
50.00 GBP
2 In Stock
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GDT-0021 [Virtua Striker 4'06 English Software] Sega Tri-Force
© SEGA 2005
Last in the series of Virtua Striker, this is 2006 version in full english - Sega didn't produce many of these compared to previous versions due to the fact the popularity of stick based games was at an all-time low, compared to dedicated drivers/shooters.
180.00 GBP
No Stock
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