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Still alive! 28-Mar-2018
Hi everyone, people asking me if I am back to work, and the answer is yes - I am not doing a great deal, but I am doing the odd job here and there (normally just before Easter I'd be working my balls off helping people get there sites ready for opening), but I seem to be slower, confused and pretty much not the old me. I know some think, wait, I've lost a parent, loved ones etc. why I am you being so obstant, the answer I have is that although my Mother died, it is the circumstances in which she did die, if it was due to old age, or a long-term illness then I'd be OK (still upset like any normal person), but sadly my Mum was taken from me from a person I can only describe as the most evil person I have ever known (talking about people that I know as obviously the world is full of evil people), the person that decided to leave my Mum with a bleed of the brain for 24hours, instead of seeking medical help (even though she was fitting, vomiting, had no clue where or who she was), her death is under investigation (and the coroner has ruled her death as suspicious). To rub salt in the wound, I was not told about my mums funeral although I did find out about it though and I did indeed attend - when the funeral director spoke about about my mum there was no mention of me or my brother (so it was like we where both wiped out of her life so to speak), although even the dog was mentioned - I admit I did lose it at the funeral (there is a lot more to the story, but for the sake of my own sanity I will not go into all the details), the sadness in my heart will be there, but time and support I will get by (there is no real choice in that one). I'd like to thank everyone for there continued support, and I appreciate everything. Only advice I have here, is make sure you let the people you love, if you get a phone call from your Mum or whoever, take the call. Tomorrow might be too late.
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