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What we do repair wise, 2020 edition. 06-Jan-2020
Hi All,

This is a brief view of what I repair, all repairs with 90 day RTB warranty on fault/items replaced.

Quotation always underwritten before work, also due to varying work loads, estimated time will be given (if not done within a 1-2day window).


Ford Racing/Grid/Rally 3/Daytona 3/Showdown (All levels)
Sega RingWide/Edge/Edge2 (All levels) (region conversion Japan-English)
Sega Nu/Nu2 (Unknown)
Sega ALLs [HOTD Scarlett Dawn] (Not presently)

Sega Lindbergh (success rate depends on fault, baseboards being the big issue factor, due to being discontinued) (region conversion Japan-English)
Sega Chihiro (depends on fault) (GD-ROM removal ALL games)
Sega Triforce (depends on fault) (GD-ROM removal ALL games)
Sega Naomi 1 and 2 (legacy, depends on fault) (region conversion Japan-English)
System SP (as above) (region conversion Japan-English)
Hikaru (depending on fault, if BGA then bin fodder) (region conversion Japan-English)
Model 3 (video board depends, less than 20% chance of success) (region conversion Japan-English)
Model 1 and 2 (discontinued)
Atomiswave (not supported)


Type X/X+/X2 [Hopping Road, Battle Gear 4 series, Panic Museum, Gaia Attack, Chase HQ2, Wacky Racers] (All levels) (region conversion Japan-English)
System 246 [Battle Gear 3 series] (Depends on fault)
Type Zero (HDD/Software conversion to repair broken storage)


Coopers 9 (All levels)
DDR series [Depends on fault]
Guitar Hero's (All levels)
GTI Super Mini Fiesta (All levels)
Silent Hill Arcade (All levels)

PC Unit (Standard PC repair, if you have the install CD/DVD I can repair)
GVR Mini I/O flash (conversion of GVR Mini I/O from Nascar/Blazing -> Carbon)
GVR Dongle (conversion of GVR dongle games)


PC Unit (Standard PC repair, if you have the install CD/DVD I can repair)


Namco ES1 (Nirin, Dead Heat 32"/42", Tank Tank Tank!, Dead Heat Riders) (All levels)
Namco ES3 (Machstorm,Mario Kart GP DX, Star Wars Battle Pod, Time Crisis 5, Lost Land Adventure) (All levels)
Namco Maximum Tune 3 Export (All levels)

Go Go Grandprix (never had one in, but looks pretty standard apart from the PCI controller card)


We can convert most systems to Export/English, most will require new software update and/or dongles.


In some cases I might recommend updating your software, if I have a newer version for example 99% of Battle Pods are 1.01 or 1.02 and do not have the multiplayer or the extra Poe(TFA) level (although Namco only sold the update USB stick for a limited time and for a expensive price of $5K! - price is what ArcadeHeroes was quoted when they operated a Pod).

I cover a good % of currently operated video games, specialising in more recent (Namco) games, Namco being one outside the scope of many other companies.

Premium/loyal customers get discontinued rates, full email/telephone support and quicker turnaround (loyalty is respected and rewarded, I'd appreciate the same).

After last year, and being on compassionate leave after my mothers death, was disappointed that some customers believed the rumours circulating that I retired (instead of checking the truth).

Why you should consider me?

I don't do this to make huge amounts of money, I do this more as passion, I had to give up my original full time job in 2009 (due to health reasons), and since then my wife has became long term sick, so I have to fit in being a carer, a father as well as running a business.

My knowledge of arcades is vast, being around amusements since the 90s and often know a good game, but I recommend games on there quality and also there reliability (no point having a nice game that breaks down every other month).

I work with a few companies on a weekly basis, and also support other PCs platforms (VR systems for corporate hire) - PCs are bespoke setup and must be extremely reliable as on corporate use (and would be embarrassing if they fell over during presentations and such).

Testing I use a number of stess tools, everything is stressed to within an inch of it's life.

DDR memory is checked, and double checked for any errors.
Video card is stress tested, in both GPU rendering, and DDR memory.
HDD is checked with SMART monitor tools, to check the overal state of the drive, if HDD is overwritten it is done at sector level.
Sound card is checked depending on its configuration (Stereo, Quad, 5.1).

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