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Good bye 2021 - you've swallowed my soul.. 23-Dec-2021
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas break/holidays! - and remember if you get given an arcade 1UP machine for Christmas, try and be thankful - family/friends often get confused and assume it's all the same - I'd imagine most of us are neurodiverse and that means we are almost impossible to buy for (so the safe option is socks/pants/dressing gown/shite smelly stuff), as people that know us, know that what we want is either:
1) Hugely expensive
2) Hugely impractical or not logical (like a huge boat when your not near water)
3) The item was a must have and it's already been bought (and stored for safe keeping - as 99% of us probably keep said items mint in the box!)

True fact, I say this to so many people, that I was going to write a book on "Man, Girls and Arcade Machines" as the stories about partners when there is an arcade machine arriving is pure gold, actually if I could capture some of the looks from partners (or for younger people, there parents) - you know that look, it's the look of pure disgust - and you know that there is going to be a full on argument later. lol. True I believe some might have even been buried under the patio as some people did seem to disappear of the face of the Earth. But everyone once in a while a partner of you "geeks" will email/phone me and ask for advice, and that you know is pure love, either that or you've got a good amount of $$$ (yeah I remember the time a certain famous game programmer came to mine to collect some Daytona USA PCBs with a nice looking lady, and a convertible car, not really the sort of collecting equipment I'd expect TBH - the lady had incorrect foot wear, for hauling the PCBs around (anyone that knows they come in large metal coffins those older Model 2 PCBs!) and also the boot of the car was also not ideal. So yeah if you do end up with an arcade1UP machine.. I won't be laughing at you, I'll be laughing with you.. And be grateful you miserable gits. If your name is Greg then sorry mate, it's socks again!
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