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Spares - Lindbergh Spares - LBG-7800-1GB-YEL [Lindbergh Yellow 7800GS 1GB]

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Product Information
LBG-7800-1GB-YEL [Lindbergh Yellow 7800GS 1GB] Lindbergh Spares
Price:1,000.00 GBP
Available:In Stock
Stock Qty:1
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   About LBG-7800-1GB-YEL [Lindbergh Yellow 7800GS 1GB]     
Like new Lindbergh yellow units, with offical "Export" and Yellow lids - *Not region converted Red/RedEx*

These units are like new, with new heat/sink CPU fitted, new 7800GS video card, new HDD.

Can pre-install the linux kernel/game image, but no security chip supplied.

   Product Details     
Our Lindberghs go through a serious hardware tests, including offical Sega lindbergh onboard tests.

Only the ones that a proven to be 100% reliable get sold, we offer a 30day no quible refund (after the goods is sent back and all the "serial #s" are checked).

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Right now Sega UK charge around 950 + shipping for advanced replacements with a lead time of upto 6weeks.

We can also do the PCB as a Red or Red Ex or a Lindbergh Yellow 6800.
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